The city can seem like a place of constant movement, full of noise and distraction. But if you slow down and take a closer look, it is possible to find moments of stillness and calm all around us. There is a whole world going on just beyond our perception, playing out at a pace too slow to notice in passing.
This series explores that idea, of finding a sense of quiet solitude where the city is at rest, indifferent to our observation. In such moments the mood and cadence of the city changes. The noise and bustle fade away and we are left alone with the landscape. A quiet stillness hangs in the air. Little reminders that the city exists in between our comings and goings.
Such moments are fleeting though. The light changes by the minute. The weather shifts and the feeling of the scene changes. Someone else passes through, interrupting the stillness. But a photograph allows these moments to stretch out into their own little infinities. Each place and time contained in an image that can be studied and contemplated later, in a different context.
- October 5th, 2018
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