I took some pictures while on a road trip from Boston to St. Louis. When I got back, I found that some of them seemed to echo back what I was feeling and thinking along the trip. They captured something more than the literal subject matter in the frame. Perhaps something in the simplicity of shooting with a compact camera had stripped the pressure of getting perfect images. I felt free to let go and channel my attention into what I was seeing in a more intuitive way.

Over the next few months, I experimented with this idea that my pictures could serve as a sort of visual journal. I was feeling lonely and depressed then, separated from Julia by a thousand miles of dreary winter landscape. We were deciding where to move our life to, which brought further anticipation and doubt. We would meet up in different cities, try them on for size to see if we could make a life there, and then return back to our separate lives after a few quick days together. I hoped to distill all of that and see it reflected back in the images.
Colorado - Illinois - Massachusetts - Missouri - Ohio - Texas - Vermont
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